This was truly a beer and a napkin business. Actually this resulted right after discovering what frozen lime and tequila in beer was like (awesome in case you were wondering). We saw the videos of this sport happening in eastern Europe and Asia and thought how do we try this? The answer was to buy and rent them out to pay for them but after our first event received a lot of media attention it turned out that Bubbleup was a real business.

This was truly one of those start-ups that started on the back of the napkin at a bar. I had recently learned how good frozen tequila mix was in beer. You see there was a restaurant just around the corner that happened to have these on special and it seemed like an ideal place to meet a friend of mine. After two or three of these concoctions he begins to show me this new sport that is exploding in the (Verify the locations I believe it was new Zealand)

I believe the video looked something like this (Note this is not my video but done by one of my favorite content producers, Devin Supertramp, you can check out his youtube channel here)…

From a here a few more concoctions lead to the question of how can we try one of these out. The only place we could find to purchase them from at the time were some distributors from China. 

Key take aways from this business…

  • You need to ensure that you have some management structure in place. How do you hold someone accountable? When people know they can get away with something they often choose that… most people will push the line but if there is no line established they will continue to push it to try and find one.
  • Evaluate your government programs. Most developed Countries have come to realize that people creating new business is beneficial to the economy (who new) and are offering a variety of services
  • A lesson with working with friends. Holding people accountable does not only apply to your employees but to your partners. This is an issue I have seen with many start up companies where even before there is any value to the company
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